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Native Forward Scholars Fund offers funding opportunities for undergraduate students including AS, BA and BS degrees in all majors, with special scholarships for STEM majors

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Native Forward Professional Development Funding for STEM Educators and Students 2022-2023

Status: Closed

Native Forward Scholars Fund, in partnership with the Bureau of Indian Education, provides funding specifically for training opportunities in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. Typical awards for professional development will be between $1,200 to $10,000.

This is a great opportunity for TCU faculty, staff and students who are focused in STEM fields to take advantage of this funding. Individuals who are seeking professional development such as continuing education, conferences, training, and certifications can apply for funding to assist with registration, travel and other related costs. Educators (K-12) at a BIE-funded school, a BIE-controlled school, a school on a reservation or a school with a 20% or more Native American population are encouraged to apply.

To be considered for professional development funding the applicant must meet the following:

  • Be an enrolled member of a federally recognized American Indian Tribe or Alaska Native group or provide documentation of ancestry to possession of 1/2 degree Indian blood of a federally recognized Tribe.
  • Provide proof of Tribal eligibility through submission of a Tribal Eligibility Certificate or provide proof of Tribal enrollment via a copy of your Certificate Degree of Indian Blood, Tribal membership card, or a letter of enrollment/descendency from your Tribal enrollment office.
  • Be employed at a Bureau-funded school, a Bureau-controlled school, a school on a reservation, a school with at least 20% Native population or attending a TCU or accredited-post secondary institution
  • Exclusive consideration will be given to applicants using training in STEM in the education field.

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My whole life I really didn’t think that was in the cards for me and Native Forward Scholars Fund believed in me and was able to provide me with the support and the community to be able to study what I wanted and also know that I had a place within the science world.