Peter Thais

August 2022 – Undergraduate

Peter Thais – Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe
Akwesasne, NY
ANAHSAT – Accenture and Science Post Graduate Scholarship Fund
School: Cornell University
Degree: Biological Engineering
GPA: 3.174 

I am a sophomore at Cornell University, majoring in Biological Engineering with a focus on sustainability. I am committed to raising awareness of environmental issues in Indigenous communities and increasing youth voices and engagement. I hold a leadership position in the Cornell Chapter of AISES and is an active participant in the Intertribal Agriculture Council youth programming.

The support of Native Forward Scholars Fund has been pivotal to my university attendance. Each day, I move through my college campus knowing that I have the financial support of this organization. Without their support, I would have had massive college loans, which would reduce my ability to move back to Akwesasne and work with my community.

Being a Native Forward Scholar is special for me. I am part of a group of Native Scholars who are the next generation of doctors, scientists, artists, health care professionals, and educators. We work to maintain our culture and move our nations forward into the future. I am proud that Native Forward supports me on my journey and I look forward to the day when I can support the generation that comes after me.

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