I see the disconnect and disparities for Native students and STEM. I want to help bridge that gap between Native communities and science. We have the opportunity to solve a lot of the problems facing Indian Country. It just takes time and the skills.

Finding the right college is not only about finding the institution that you want to study at, it’s also about finding your home away from home for the next four to five years.


Preparing for College

Preparing for college is always an exciting but stressful experience whether you’re an incoming freshman or a returning college student. What steps do you need to take to be accepted into the college of your choice? Look at the resources we’ve put together below, and you will be one step closer, if not more, to receiving your acceptance letter!

It's Important to Apply to Many Different Colleges

While you may have in mind what your dream university is, it’s important for you to cast a wide net and apply to different colleges and universities. There are different types of colleges and universities that caters to all types of students. These types of institutions also come with various Costs of Attendance, Degree Types, Support Services, and Campus Housing.

Compare Colleges

Each of these types of institutions offer unique educational experiences. Before applying explore your options and determine what is the best fit for you.

The most common types of colleges and universities that Native students look at are:

1. Tribal Colleges and Universities
2. Community Colleges
3. State Universities
4. Private Universities
5. Ivy League Institutions

Use this Tool:

You can use this the Big Future portal provided by our partners at College Board to help you search and compare colleges and universities.

Take Into Consideration:
  • How far away from home the institution is?
  • How much will it cost to attend that institution? (How much will you and your family be responsible for paying or how much financial aid need will you need
  • Do they have a Native community and Native student support services?
  • Do they have the majors that you are interested in? Does the institution have good retention, graduation, and job placement rates?
  • Do they have campus housing and if so what type?
  • Do you see yourself at that institution?

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