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This is the most common question that a lot of students ask themselves when determining if a college education is right for them. You might find yourself asking the same question along with any of the following questions:

What is the biggest advantage a student can experience from attending college and receiving their degree? Should I apply to a well-known University or a community college? What about trade schools? Where will I live? Where will I work?

Median Annual Earnings Based on Higher Education Attainment
High School Diploma
$ 0
Some College
$ 0
Bachelor's Degree
$ 0
Master's Degree or Higher
$ 0


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Learn more about the application process what others wish they had known when planning for grad school.

Native Forward has allowed me to realize, that I am a part of a greater thing with the other scholars that I have met throughout my time at OU. It has given me this idea that I am more than capable enough to get through school and have an amazing support system to help back me up, as I make my way through my degree program.

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