Words from an Elder is featured in Native Forward Scholars Fund's The American Indian Graduate

Elders hold crucial roles in Tribal communities. They impart tradition, knowledge, culture, values, and lessons. Elders are revered individuals who provide wisdom and leadership.
Native Forward Scholars Fund’s The American Indian Graduate offers a space to impart advice and words of empowerment for Native students on their journey through higher education. Our fall 2023 issue of “Words from an Elder” features Native Forward Scholars Fund Alumna and Former Executive Director Lorraine Edmo.
“It has been a little over 30 years since I worked with Native Forward Scholars Fund, known then as the American Indian Graduate Center (AIGC). When I left AIGC in the summer of 1992, I had been executive director for nine years and was the first Native woman to lead the organization after the departure of John Rainer. Those nine years were filled with many memorable events and growth for the organization and the students who we served.”
To read more from Lorraine Edmo, click here.
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