Austin Dodd

February 2023 – Graduate

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
Moore, OK

Scholarship: Special Higher Education Program
School: Oklahoma City University 
Degree: Juris Doctorate
GPA: 3.9

I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Political Science and a minor in History from Midwestern State University. I am currently a student at Oklahoma City University School of Law working to obtain my Juris Doctorate and become an attorney. I will be graduating in 2025.

I want to become an attorney because laws are all around us. They touch every part of our lives, and their impacts are sometimes extremely consequential, whether good or bad. Fair or not, laws are unavoidable. If not applied evenly, laws can be detrimental to individuals, families, and even entire communities. I want to use my degree to ensure laws are applied fairly and evenly, and when they are not, to step in and take up for those who cannot take up for themselves. In short, I want to ensure justice is always served and give a voice to those who did not have one before.

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