Chris Ollie

May 2023 – Undergraduate

Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold Reservation
Council Bluffs, IA

Scholarship: Wells Fargo Undergraduate
School: Midland University   
Degree: Art Management
GPA: 3.9

Chris is a member of the MHA Nation from the Ft. Berthold Reservation, New Town, North Dakota, and an Arikara (A-rik-ah-Rah) tribal member from the White Shield Segment of his nation. Chris is not a traditional college student and has had to overcome adversity within his family but his dreams are like many others. He holds an associate’s Degree in Art and is set to graduate in May with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Management. He is an artist, he draws and paints, and works with ceramics but his passion is in photography and the love of his tribe.

Chris has had a deep passion for education for the last seven years since obtaining his GED. While getting his associate’s degree he became enamored with history and the history of Indigenous cultures feeding from his hunger for knowing more about where he came from. Through research and determination, he found his way back to his tribe, culture, and the part that had been missing all his life – his family. This newly found part of his history made sense and is helping him drive harder for his education goals. Upon graduating from Midland University this May, he is starting another journey in helping his tribe and others through the power of education and even more learning. He is returning to his tribe to learn more about himself and his culture.

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