Katera Neil

January 2024 – Undergraduate
Hopi Tribe of Arizona
Reno, NV

Scholarship: Wells Fargo
School: Fashion Institute of Technology
Degree: Packaging Design
GPA: 3.92

Katera currently resides on Lenapehoking land, known today as New York City, and attends the Fashion Institute of Technology for packaging design. She grew up in Reno, Nevada, with wild horses in her front yard and vibrant sunsets, but always had a dream of living in New York City.

Always an artist, she combined her love for creating art with a passion for package design. Her goal is to design packages that are as timeless as the ones that are still up at her house on the mesa. Katera is inspired by relatives and ancestors who dedicate themselves to their craft and create intricately beautiful works of art such as pottery, baskets, belts, paintings, and Kachina dolls.

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