Marielle Gomez (Pueblo of Taos)

May Student of the Month

Scholarship: Science Post Graduate Scholarship Fund
School: University of Redlands
Degree: Environmental Science and Studio Art 
GPA: 3.9

Community Service

  • National Honors Society
  • Collected supplies and essentials for people affected by Calf Canyon and Hermit’s Peak fire in New Mexico
  • TWIRL Taos
    • Helped with community event tables and crafting activities for kids such as during Touch a Truck and the PASEO Project. Hours contributed towards the National Honors Society. 
  • Summer Camp Counselor
    • Work with kids ages 6-12 at summer mountain camps as a paid Junior Counselor.
    • Aided lead counselor during activities and field trips, supervised and supported youth campers, participated in activities.
    • Gained leadership experience and skills with kids. 
  • Taos Pueblo Cultural Activities
    • Participate in seasonal cultural activities, feasts, and ceremonies.
    • Learning Tiwa with dad, earned two bilingual seals in Tiwa and French. 
  • Taos Eco Kids Club – Founder

My name is Marielle Nizhoni Emanuelle Gomez. My mother is French, and my father is half Tiwa (Taos Pueblo) and Diné. My traditional names are “Naul-oo-tseul-poi-meh-ee” (Yellow Aspen Leaves Blowing) and “Teum-haloom-bpop” (Tomorrow Morning Flower). I am a freshman on the University of Redlands cross-country and track team, pursuing a double major in Environmental Science and Studio Art. This semester, I look forward to taking Intro to Native American Studies, Environmental Geology, and Intro to Photography. 

Being a multifaceted biracial person has taught me a lot about the world. It has taught me the importance of practicing neutrality with those around you and being able to put yourself in others’ shoes. I notice that often, people become self-absorbed and thus spawn hostility that infects yourself and those around you, like a chain reaction. Instead, I believe it is important to be kind, generous, and empathetic, not only for the peace within yourself but for the peace of others and the world. This is my vision as I embark on my journey through my life head. I hope that all my efforts in my life may contribute to a better world. 

Being a Native Forward scholar means my academic and community service accomplishments have been recognized. The hard work I put into my studies in high school enabled me to graduate fourth in my class of 175 students and earn two bilingual seals, Tiwa and French. 

With a career in Environmental Studies, I envision working with nature in a hands-on capacity. Since I like experiencing different environments, a career that includes fieldwork and travel is my dream. I am also majoring in Studio Arts (Photography), and I plan to incorporate this art form into my career as a scientist. 

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