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Rising Native Graduates undergraduates who are in their junior or senior year pursuing a graduate or professional degree, or students in their gap year, who are interested or planning to apply for graduate school, can be academic scholars. Priority will be given to Native Forward-funded scholars. Scholars will need to:

  • Be an enrolled member or descendant of a federally or state-recognized American Indian Tribe or Alaska group.
  • Be enrolled at an accredited college or university. 

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Scholar Questions:

A working partnership between an experienced individual (the coach) and student (the scholar) focusing on developing personal and academic goals while promoting success. Native Forward aims to provide community perspectives and inclusion in the academic coaching process for a smooth transition from undergraduate to graduate school.

Both academic coaching and mentoring utilize some of the same tools and techniques and both focus on personal development. However, academic coaching is a partnership with the student to work together to create effective strategies for reaching goals.


Native Forward approaches Academic Coaching through a community perspective of inclusion and passing on lived experiences from our coaches to our students while focusing on the graduate school application process and transition from undergraduate to graduate school.

Currently Rising Native Graduates is open to students in the Pacific Northwest region or from a tribe in the Pacific Northwest region. Rising Native Graduates recently expanded to our top-funded institutions. Email for a list of top-funded institutions.


Contact Native Forward Rising Native Graduates Program at or call 505-881-4584.

Rising Native Graduates is not accepting applications at this time.