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Miller Indigenous Economic Development Fellowship 2023-2024

Status: Closed

Through the generous support of Native Forward Alumnus Robert J. Miller, Native Forward Scholars Fund established the Miller Indigenous Economic Development Fellowship after recognizing the current economic climate and the underrepresentation of Native researchers in the field of economics and economic development.

The Miller Indigenous Economic Development Fellowship provides financial assistance to eligible American Indian and Alaska Native doctoral candidates to cover the costs related to data collection and data analysis. Doctoral candidates pursuing research in economic and economic development focusing on or influencing Native Communities are encouraged to apply. This one-time award will provide assistance for research travel, research supplies, data analysis tools or subscriptions. This award will also cover fees incurred for transcription services, analysis services, analysis review and editing fees (documentation for itemized costs must be submitted).

To be considered for the Miller Indigenous Economic Development Fellowship doctoral candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Be an enrolled member or a descendant of a federally or state-recognized Tribe.
  • Provide proof of Tribal enrollment via a copy of their Certificate Degree of Indian Blood, Tribal membership card, OR a letter of enrollment/descendancy from their Tribal enrollment office.
  • Be enrolled in a U.S. accredited non-profit institution.
  • Applicants must be a current doctoral candidate.
  • Submit proof of candidacy from Dissertation Committee Chair, or from Dean of Graduate Studies.
  • Provide a budget detailing the proposed use of the funds.
  • Submit receipts for expenses incurred.

For further questions, please reach out to our Scholarship Operations team at


My whole life I really didn’t think that was in the cards for me and Native Forward Scholars Fund believed in me and was able to provide me with the support and the community to be able to study what I wanted and also know that I had a place within the science world.