Shayleena Britton

February 2022 – Undergraduate student
Shayleena Britton — Round Valley Indian Tribes
Covelo, CA
Scholarship: WFU
School: Academy of Art University in San Francisco
Degree: 3D Animation
GPA: 3.3

Community Service

  • 2017 – Current
    Teaches the Wailaki language to my community through my Wailaki Language project.
  • 2018 – Current
    Creates artwork for the Accelerated Reader program at the Round Valley Elementary/Middle School.
  • Hosted two online art coloring contests for youth during the pandemic where I designed the coloring page and provided raffle gifts.


N-shong sh-kee-ye’. Shayleena Britton Shi-ghwoo-she. Kin-teelh-cho-be’ sii-ghang’. Wailaki, Yuki is-kee-ta.  Good greeting my relatives. My name is Shayleena Britton and I am from Round Valley. I am among the Wailaki and Yuki tribes.
I am a 21-year-old Native American, and I am attending the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and majoring in 3D Animation. Growing up around so much trauma, I decided at a young age that I wanted my life to be different. While others were out partying, I would be home working on my artwork. I decided to pursue a career involving what I love. As a visual learner myself, I believe animation to be an effective way to teach others in a visual format. After graduation, I will be an animator and a good example to the youth that may one day use their voice for good as well. One of my main goals is to create a film about my reservation and the real problems that face Native communities. I want people to hear and see all the challenges Native Americans face daily on and off reservations. I also want to be able to show the young and old that there are other ways to enjoy life and have a healthier lifestyle. I would like to have my films shown throughout the world to promote the dangers of alcohol and drugs because I also want to be able to voice my opinions and teach through my films. I plan on creating my movies while living on my reservation.

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