Letters of Recommendation

A Strong Letter of Recommendation

A common request from college admissions is a letter of recommendation. This letter is traditionally written by a trusted source of your choosing and gives the reader an idea of the type of person you are. When looking for someone to write a letter of recommendation for you, consider a teacher, mentor, coach, or someone involved in your chosen field of study that will write a positive recommendation. Remember, the person writing your letter of recommendation should be familiar with your work ethic, your academic achievements, your community service, your leadership roles, and your character.

Things to Consider When Asking for a Letter
  1. Choose someone who can speak positively about your strengths and character.
  2. Give your writer enough time to write and revise before your application is due.
  3. Provide supporting information to your writer to help them organize their letter. (Transcripts, resume, list of community service)
  4. Set up a meeting with your recommender to go over scholarship criteria and discuss any questions they may have.
  5. Check to see how many letters of recommendation your application requires.  You may need to submit more than one letter.
  6. Check-in with your recommender as the deadline approaches.
  7. Make sure you stay in communication with your recommender.
Did You Know?

You have the right to review ANY letter of recommendation before it is sent.