Leaving Home

Are you READY to leave home?  Have you packed all the necessary items you will need during travel? It’s hard to think about leaving your home and it can be scary to think about going to an unknown place where you may not know anyone, but it will be OK.  The summer before you leave, spend time with those you care about and prepare yourself mentally, physically, and culturally for the journey ahead.  

Find time to contact loved ones each week as you are settling in.  Keep an open line of contact with family and friends.

Did you know?

While many institutions will push for you to stay on campus for the first couple of weeks, it’s ok for you to go home and participate in your cultural practices.  Planning in advance and making arrangements with your professor or classmates to take notes or schedule time to take tests or quizzes ahead of time while you are on campus.  If you plan, you’ll stay ahead.

Housing & Transportation

Research the housing opportunities your campus has to offer and the various dorm room layouts and sizes available.  When looking at housing opportunities on campus, check for a supply list that your school may have available to guide any purchases you may need to make before moving in.  Reach out and introduce yourself to your roommate or roommates you may have and coordinate supplies and appliances beforehand. 

Research services that your institution offers to students traveling from out-of-state.  For example, some institutions may offer a shuttle service to pick you up from the airport, so you are not using your own money to pay for cab fares.

Did you know?

Your school, Tribal office or Tribe may offer assistance with housing fee waivers.