Study Abroad

Some colleges offer the chance to study abroad, which traditionally means overseas.  Opportunities like this will vary depending on your chosen major but regardless these opportunities can give you a new perspective.  Check with your college to see if they offer study abroad programs.  Also check with your scholarship providers to see if they offer scholarships to pay for the trip expenses.

Research Experience

Being involved with as many extracurricular and academic activities as possible can be referenced as research experience.  Remember, college is preparing you for your professional career so take advantage of every opportunity to experience a professional-level situation while under the supervision of teachers.


Businesses will sometimes have internship programs to give work experience to undergraduate students.  Most internships are unpaid but sometimes you can get lucky and find a paid internship.  Make sure you research all the internship opportunities your school offers and those nearby to you, so you don’t miss any opportunities to get direct experience in your chosen field.  Your internship provider may find that you are a great employee and offer you a job so make sure you treat any internship you participate in as a full-time job.

Work Experience

Acquiring work experience in college is always a possibility depending on the work you are looking to gain experience in.  A lot of campuses offer work-study programs that allow you gain on-the-job experience while also paying for school.  If you participate in a work-study program, gather as much info as you can and apply!

Leadership Experience

Being on a college campus provides you with many opportunities to build and expand your leadership capabilities.  Joining campus-student organizations can help you open doors and build relationships with several different people.  Don’t be afraid when positions open to take the next step and become a leader in the organization. Many times, the skills and experience you gain by being a student leader on campus will better prepare you for life after college.