Living a Balanced Life in College

College life is all about balance.  It’s up to you whether you want to survive college or thrive in college.  Here are some tips to help you decide if you are surviving or thriving.

SURVIVING COLLEGE is not managing your money and having to survive on Ramen for weeks at a time.

THRIVING IN COLLEGE is budgeting, knowing how much you can spend, utilizing your meal plan, and knowing your next meal will be available to you at your discretion.

SURVIVING COLLEGE is barely making it to class and overextending yourself due to extracurricular or cultural activities.

THRIVING IN COLLEGE is managing your time, getting plenty of rest, and knowing when and how to say, “no”.

SURVIVING COLLEGE is getting everything done without consideration of your own well-being.

THRIVING IN COLLEGE is practicing self-care while getting everything done.

SURVIVING COLLEGE is trying to meet the minimum requirements of your degree by attaining as little information as possible.

THRIVING IN COLLEGE is knowing your learning style, utilizing study tips & tools, and working to attain the most knowledge in your degree.

SURVIVING COLLEGE is ignoring signs that you need help.

THRIVING IN COLLEGE is knowing when you need help and seeking the resources you need.

SURVIVING COLLEGE is making it through without finding your community and making connections with others.

THRIVING IN COLLEGE is getting involved on campus, participating in your community, and building a thriving network.

Additional Resources

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